Sunday, January 18, 2015

Still a man in need of a savior

I spent all day yesterday (at work) trying to be nice to people but definitely NOT feeling nice.  Sometimes I think its a funk, sometimes concupiscence and sometimes just me but there are days when I don't like being nice to people!  Isn't that terrible?  

But then at Mass this morning, as all my faults and failings came crowding into my mind, I was comforted by the thought: I am not the source of my own goodness.  I'm not going to be perfect, especially when I am striving for it on my own.  All the good things in my life, including and/or lack of certain personality traits and the ability to be nice to people...are from Him.  In the exact amounts that He knows I need.

That doesn't mean I don't means that after I try and fail...I get to try again.

And I still need a savior.  Each day.  At each moment.  Cause I'm gonna continually mess it up.  And He's going to continually be bringing me around...again and again and again.

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