Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's been a while...

Sorry about that!  I'm on the super-busy train right now.  Just came home from a week in Pa visiting family with family.  I love my sisters.  I am so blessed to have them!  Lent has begun.  I am giving up alcohol and sweets.  This might not seem a big deal...but for me: it's tough.  I'm also joining a lenten Bible study which I've already managed to have work interfere with the first two meetings.  Blah.

I have been having random "I should blog about this" thoughts...but nothing that has actually made it to my computer screen.  And now I can't think of them.  Argh.  Old age.

My sister and I spent the hours driving home yesterday entertaining her kids with our cartoon voices.  I think I missed my calling.  I should be a cartoon voice. 

Then we googled and practiced speaking English with different accents.  Ironically enough, a southern accent was the most difficult for us...crazy since we both lived in the south for 8 years and had southern accents when we lived there!  (We have proof of this on home video).  Oh well.  French and Indian were fun.

This morning was supposed to be another half marathon up on the Cape but with this lovely snow/ice/sleet mixture that once again came down upon us, the race was cancelled.  So I ran three miles on my treadmill instead.  Probably not a fair trade.

It's like almost official. My house is going up for rent in August.  Cardboard boxes fill my living room (helps to work in a hospital when you need boxes!) and I'm going to start packing non-essentials this week.  Tomorrow I go skiing with my dear friend and get to hear about her and her family's moving plans.  Another friend is arriving in March with her family to move back into my neighborhood.  Is this normal turnover?  I don't know.  Three co-workers lost family members in the past two days.  And another dear friend had a tragic car accident this past week.  Life is flying by like bugs into a windshield.

And with that lovely, um, analogy? I'll leave you.

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