Sunday, February 1, 2015

Nothing makes me feel worse...

Than when I'm mean or rude to someone because I'm a crazy, hormonal witch who loses her temper over NOTHING and the person I was mean and rude to is SUPER nice because they feel bad that I became upset and go out of their way to be nice to me.  NOTHING makes me feel worse (at this particular moment I am convinced of this...ask me tomorrow, I might have changed my mind).

I'm getting burned out at work after five days, including being snowed in overnight from the blizzard, almost in a row.  And I hate hormones.  And being almost 35.  And not having emotional self-control.  And talking too much.  And well...lots of things.

Time to pray for humility.  Because I'm pretty sure this craziness comes directly from pride and self-love.  Especially self-love.  Which leads to self-pity.  Time to get over myself.

I have all day tomorrow to get ready for the Navy Housing lady to come on Wednesday to eval my house for their leasing market.  Today is the Super Bowl.  Pats are in it.  Just found out they are playing the Seahawks.  That is nice.  And something about deflated footballs.  Apparently that isn't (nice).

Getting ready to have a lenten Bible study...really looking forward to it!  We've been looking at Scott Hahn's short study program.  I think it will work out perfectly to prepare and cover the 6 weeks up until Easter!  I need this.  I need a lot of things.

I slept in this morning.  I'll be going to the procrastinator's Mass tonight.  Glad God is patient. :o)

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