Friday, February 6, 2015

Taking eight kids into a book barn

I went with my sister to this ginormous book sale at our local used book emporium today...we had such a blast.  I love browsing through books...I LOVE pulling out a book that I've read before...It's like greeting an old friend: 

"I remember you!  You haven't changed! How have you been?  Wow, so much has happened since last we met!"  I especially love introducing old favorites to my nieces and nephews... "My Friend Flicka? This was the best book ever!  You have to read it!"  "Call It Courage?  Oh, put that in the basket!"  

Even the picture books bring back warm memories...Make Way for little was I when I remember my grandmother flying in for her two week yearly visit to read that to me while I sat on her lap?  Then we'd grab the left overs from a loaf of bread and drive down to the river where we'd walk along a brick path, throwing crumbs to the ducks in our Chicago suburb.

Life flies by so quickly!  One adventure after the other.  I don't feel strongly that my trip to India with the mission group I signed up with is going to happen.  The visa company made a mistake and presented me with a visa for the wrong dates: essentially expiring the month before I arrive.  I have already spent almost $200 to get the wrong visa.  I shudder to pay another application fee only to find that I am rejected because they already gave me one and they don't want them to overlap.  Going to pray about this.  I might try going solo to Calcutta before the visa I have now expires.  I don't know.  Lol I have a dread of wasting a perfectly good visa!

I might start renting my house in August.  It seems like a better idea to rent right before the school year than in November.  I have a place to live from August to December before I take off on sabbatical for the year.  I guess I'll just trust God and go where ever He leads me.

The more time I spend at work, the more burned out I realize I am.  Stupid politics and personalities that before would just roll off my back are driving me bezerk.  I'll be honest...knowing I'm only here the rest of this year has helped me pull it together and get through the day more often than I want to admit.  Nothing has really changed...I know it's all me.  I've been at this hospital for 12 years, always in a critical, highly stressful environment.  That has to take its toll, right?  

I guess God knows what I need.  It's like when you are in high school and your parents drive you crazy for no reason (and vice versa!).  It kinda works out well cause honestly, it's about time you moved on anyway.  So I hope that this feeling is just a part of God pushing me out of this nest.  And that He'll catch me when I plummet!

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