Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ready to start my own DIY show!

After today I think I am totally ready to start my own televised This Old House.  Last week the plumber made a huge hole in the wall to fix a leak and replace the faucet in the bathtub.  

This was great but he didn't put the wall back together.  That apparently is my job.  So yesterday I went to my friendly local ginormous corporate hardware store.  The first guy was very nice but had no clue what I needed to patch a man-made drywall hole.  So he directed me to another guy who assured me he knew how to do it but had trouble explaining it.  

The third guy who came over told me exactly what to do, showed me where to get the spackle, dry wall screws and joint tape.  He then tried to sell me a huge bucket of spackle and joint tape...because it was a better deal per ounce or pound or whatever they measure spackle in.  

After explaining that this is the ONLY project I ever plan to use spackle for he found a smaller tub for an appreciably lower price.


After pulling out my trusty pink hammer, electric screwdriver and some old wood from the basement I managed to come up with this:

I know its not perfect or even remotely well done but HEY!  I did it!  All I have left is to sand and paint...which I hope spurs me on to painting the myriad of other things that could use a coat in my house.

Did I mention how happy I am that this hole is in a closet?  I hope no one falls directly onto it.  Or ever looks at it. 

Praying God sends the perfect renters!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Hurry, hurry, hurry till you're done...

"Busy, busy!  In a tizzy."

Signing up for a marathon today.  I might need my head checked.  I went to the doctors today to have my shoulder looked at.  Maybe I should have mentioned my head injury too?  Oh well.  MRI scheduled sometime in the near future.  Still trying to figure out how one fall could cause so much pain to my stupid shoulder when I used to fall all the time when I first started skiing without a problem?  Who knows.  

The housing inspection lady passed my house today and it is officially on the rental market.  Here goes nothing!

I am starting a diet.  I gained a million pounds in the past six weeks.  Between snow on the ground keeping me from running more than my token 30 minutes on a treadmill and a week of stuffing myself to the gills in Florida (just home early yesterday morning) with seafood festivals and barbecue, well, I have a bit of extra flab.

Excitedly preparing to go to France and then Holland in a few weeks!  Going to be fun.  Also looking into a trip to Yosemite and Napa in the fall with my aunt and some friends.  Because people on travel fasts do that.  Sigh.

Loving the warm weather here in New England...we hit 47 today.  I think the snow has melted off at least a foot or so...only two more feet to go before we see grass!  Yay!

I broke my lenten fast while on vacation.  That's pretty bad.  I'm thinking the point of offering something up is to...ummm...offer it up.  Not give it up the minute you have something fun going on.  Pretty sure 80 degree weather, blue skies, sandy beaches, and yummy food with friends was technically enough.  Blah me.

Okay...enough rambling.  Yesterday is gone, tomorrow hasn't come yet...yada yada yada.  :o)

Monday, March 2, 2015

It snowed...again.

Just shoveled my driveway for the first time this winter...which is remarkable because I think we've had seven or eight feet of snow so far...or something like that.  But my neighbor...who plows for me...is out of town.  So I shoveled another six or eight inches out of the way so I can go to work later today.  Yay?

I cancelled my trip to India.  Officially.  I feel peace so I think it was the right thing to do but I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to visit Mother Teresa's convent and homes for the sick and dying in Calcutta some day.  

Banana bread baking.  The smell is going through my house...so good!  Love eating...too much unfortunately.  Need to get back on track with a healthy diet for training and also so I don't have to buy a larger wardrobe!

I'm starting to pack.  I have so many things to get rid of!  And give back.  Time to purge!

This blog is not inspired.  Can't really think of anything that interests me to say so I'm 100 percent sure it won't interest any one else.  Maybe I can find some pretty pictures to post?

Okay, here are some:

Ahh, Mexico.  I don't think they have snow there.  At least, not on the Yucatan Peninsula where I took these photos.  :o)