Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cutting carpet

So I single handedly removed all the carpet from upstairs and brought it to the dump this week.  I love dump guys.  They over-looked the fact that my dump card was expired AND helped me unload my carpet into the dumpster!  I also love that God has given me the grace to do a lot of things and at the same time sent me so much help.  Like he wants me to not be lazy but he also doesn't want me to have a breakdown and end up a patient in my own ED psych hall.  He's good that way.

I had a revelation in the midst of cutting carpet this week.  I was about half way through, sitting in an empty room with a razor, and cutting down the middle of the carpet so I could carry it more easily.  I sat back on my heels and thought, "Lord! Why are all my friends having babies and I'm cutting carpet and trying to find a way to go live in Honduras?"  And then I realized I kinda really want to go to Honduras.  And that was good...and funny.  Because in all of this planning and stuff I've kinda had this "If God wills it, it will work out" feeling without actually, uh, feeling a desire to go.  And now, well, I kinda really want to go.  But if it doesn't work out...that's okay too!

A friend is coming into town in two weeks...hoping to head to Newport and show her this cute seaside town.  The Volvo Sea Race (international yacht race that occurs every three years) will be there while she is visiting...hope to go!  There are just so many interesting things in life...I'm always turning a corner and discovering another.

And on a more serious note...please pray and donate to Nepal Relief following this tragic earthquake.  I've heard from my guide and friend (from my recent trip to the Himalayas).  He and his family are fine and their house is standing but cracked.  However a lot of the guides from his company (I was told 50) lost their houses.  And so many people lost their lives.  I was in Haiti doing relief work after their earthquake and I can only imagine.  And if you can only pray...please pray. 

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