Sunday, April 26, 2015


So my personal inside joke on this trip was to think of everything I saw as "Hollish" as in "what language do you speak, Hollish?"  The fact that the Netherlands speaks Deutsch and is made up of Holland plus a bunch of other provinces was a fact unknown to me less than a month ago.  Another unknown fact: legalizing marijuana is a symptom not a feat.  The churches were closed but no one appeared to want to enter them anyway.  So sad and yet so strange.  Alongside the vomit, there were beautiful canals, architecture and flowers EVERYWHERE.  Holland was amazing and beautiful...memorable in its own way...but how sad to see a dying faith.  I think if one lived there a remnant must be present...but to a Catholic tourist looking for a Sunday was a fail...unfortunately.  

Otherwise...I loved this country!  Built below sea level, windmills and wooden shoes populate the countryside...flat and perfect for bicycling.  We spent our nights on a barge and our days on windy plains following the water to our next town.  Not sure why I didn't expect that a flat country with over 4000 windmills wouldn't be windy but the amount of wind we experienced daily was...well...a surprise.  The sun, on the other hand, was a pleasant and very appreciated gift!  I had bought rain gear specifically for this trip!

Here are some beautiful pictures of flowers, the purpose of my trip...but in return God gave me beautiful friendships, sights, delicious foods and a chance to love him in a reflection of His amazing beauty.  :o)

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