Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Honduras...code for someplace else...where am I going??  No clue.  Why do I want to move on from a great job with great people doing something meaningful and important?  Not quite sure.  I want to chase the adventure...do something "else"...serve...love...give.  Is it God's Will?  I certainly hope so...and I'm convinced if it's not that He won't let it happen.  My life is so beautiful, exciting and odd. Always a new twist, turn or event.  A coworker that I hadn't seen in a while saw my tanned face today and asked where I had been.  Without thinking I answered nonchalantly, "Oh I just finished a cycling tour in Holland and forgot to bring a hat."  He started laughing and answered, "Of course you did!  I was just cycling in Europe myself...actually I wasn't but I'm not surprised you were." And it struck me how funny God is to give me this adventurous life...but a desire for a spouse and children amidst the excitement of seeing the world and saving lives.  I must say God is good and knows exactly what He is about...but the older I get and the more I do...the more I narrow down the kind of spouse I could love.  But what do I know?  I trust you LORD....you who are GOD and not I, she who is not!

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