Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Baby coming...

My cousin is texting me...she's been texting all day...baby coming!  It's so weird to be a woman who has never been pregnant receiving texts from someone who is; and then giving advice to her...God is funny in that he has given me medical knowledge about experiential things I have no experiential knowledge about!

My boss erupted and blew up at me today.  It was strange.  All my co-workers thought it strange.  I almost cried.

My best friend's dad was found dead this morning in his bed.  She's beside herself.  Killed a rosebush to show God how angry she was.  Not the best way to deal with it...but an honest way.  She wanted to kill something He created to show how angry she was that He allowed something He created to die.  Honest and maybe a good way in the sense that it shows she really does believe in Him.

A coworker I diagnosed with cancer 5 weeks ago passed away this week.  Saw her obit in our work newsletter.  Hurts.

Just worked 5 days in a row to cover a co-worker.  Stressed.  But good.

I told my boss to fire me.  I need Honduras.  I need to reorient to God.  I need to prioritize and find peace.  Did I mention I had my interview?  With the mission I hope to join.  Waiting to find out who wants me in August.  And if I can rent to the Navy.  I'm broke.  But God has a plan.  Trusting...

I know the gay marriage thing is a big deal in the media and blogs right now.  But honestly, I don't care.  In the sense that I can't touch or affect that.  What is right is right.  What's wrong is wrong.  God is Lord.  His Will be done.

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