Monday, June 22, 2015

Connecting dots

After running two races with the word “hill” in them several years ago, I made the wise decision to never run another race with the word “hill.”  Unfortunately this past week I participated in a triathlon without the word “hill” and found that every street we biked or road was either steeply upwards or downwards with changing elevations that rivaled the Appalachian Trail (maybe a slight exaggeration).  Couple that with POURING DOWN RAIN and was not my favorite race ever.  But did we finish it?  YES!  Did we start it?  YES!  Did we whine and cry our entire way through it? YES!

 Rummage sale began this week!  FINALLY got rid of the roll top desk and record console in my living room.  They've been waiting for new homes for eons now (okay maybe one month).  I started with book organizing (that's my job) and already we have more books than space for.  But I love coming together with fellow parishioners and working together to ready this white elephant sale.

I had my interview with the mission I hope to join next year!  Went well...I'll know in August if and where they want me.  God's Will.

I'm about to begin a stretch of working: seven of eight days.  Just need to get through it.  I will survive.  Do I hear a song coming on?

My old dog is getting so so old.  He sleeps all day and all night and then betweens.  He has trouble walking.  Sigh...why does time pass so quickly?

Going to a baseball game this Thursday at Fenway.  Should be fun!  I think.  Well, I hope.  

Father told me today that the desire to go on this mission is a divine inspiration.  He told me even if it doesn't work out that I still get the credit for wanting to go.  I told him that was good, but I'd miss out on all the fun of it.  He just laughed.  But I was serious.  God's Will but I hope this works out!

PS Yes, that's Fatima...15 years or so ago.  God is good!  All the time.

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