Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Taj

Definitely on a first name basis with the Taj Mahal now….after visiting her in 120 degree heat in the middle of June.  Bee-yoo-ti-full!!  And so romantic: for being a Mausoleum.  I’m pretty sure that we would never see anyone get away with building a wonder of the world to house their dead spouse today.

I love the story:  The Rajah lost his beautiful wife that he loved with all his heart.  She was his third wife and bore him 14 children in the space of 17 years.  Before she died she asked two things of him: to never marry again and to devote himself to their children.  He not only honored her requests but he also constructed the Taj Mahal.  It took 22,000 laborers and 20 years to complete this marble palace inlaid with precious stones.  Donations came in from all over the kingdom and once completed the Rajah came to visit his wife’s tomb weekly.  During this time the third oldest son (of the six children who survived childhood) came to power by killing off his siblings and imprisoning his father.  He locked his father in a room overlooking the Taj Mahal.  Here the poor man sat looking at the mausoleum of his wife for the last 8 years of his life…until he could see no more…and there he died, seeing a reflection of the Taj, as the story goes, in the center of a precious stone.  Then he was buried beside her.

Not looking for the exotic but taking the adventure as each one presents itself.  Got my selfie.  Blessed.  :o)

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