Monday, September 21, 2015

The Process

I kinda feel like I'm on a slow moving boat right now, taking in the scenery along the way.  Picture a Mark Twain on the Mississippi river kinda moving... Slow but peaceful. However, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be making a drastic 180 in a very short period of time...

Because it's official! I'm heading to Guatemala for 2016! I'm so excited and happy! I accepted on Friday. I love how everything is really falling into place. God is so good.

Heading to California on Saturday. My year of not traveling is kinda non-existent but trusting God to make ends meet... And so grateful for all these opportunities! On to Yosemite and Napa!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015



So my computer appears to still be fighting a virus...but at least I can open a webpage without spawning some crazy monster site!  Argh...hope this isn't destroying the world in some way...I am so not computer savvy.

Anyways...update!  I rented my house...Divine Providence really.  I listed with the military and heard absolutely NOTHING for several months.  Then I went on the market with MLS and a real estate agent and presto: Navy Family that qualifies for the RPP program I was trying to utilize in the first place!  God is good.  And also works in mysterious, round-about ways.  But it's all good!

I have no idea where I'll be next year.  Mission group I applied to was supposed to tell me last week but they haven't officially placed me anywhere so I might NOT be going to Honduras or wherever.  I am one hundred percent certain that God has me placed somewhere so as of this exact moment...not worried.  God has a plan.  If He wants to clue me in or not...I'm good with it!

Spent the afternoon at the beach with my sister and Godson... Scorcher of a day!  Then came home to trim my pup's hair and inadvertently trimmed his scalp.  With a gaping hole in his head I drove over to my friend, who happens to be a vet, and she trimmed and glued him back together.  SO RELIEVED.  Because seriously, WHO DOES THAT?  Puts a hole in their dog's head??  Me, apparently!  And here is proof, once again, that God can work miracles: because He's sending me somewhere next year to work for Him!  But hopefully not with scissors.