Tuesday, September 8, 2015



So my computer appears to still be fighting a virus...but at least I can open a webpage without spawning some crazy monster site!  Argh...hope this isn't destroying the world in some way...I am so not computer savvy.

Anyways...update!  I rented my house...Divine Providence really.  I listed with the military and heard absolutely NOTHING for several months.  Then I went on the market with MLS and a real estate agent and presto: Navy Family that qualifies for the RPP program I was trying to utilize in the first place!  God is good.  And also works in mysterious, round-about ways.  But it's Him...so all good!

I have no idea where I'll be next year.  Mission group I applied to was supposed to tell me last week but they haven't officially placed me anywhere so I might NOT be going to Honduras or wherever.  I am one hundred percent certain that God has me placed somewhere so as of this exact moment...not worried.  God has a plan.  If He wants to clue me in or not...I'm good with it!

Spent the afternoon at the beach with my sister and Godson... Scorcher of a day!  Then came home to trim my pup's hair and inadvertently trimmed his scalp.  With a gaping hole in his head I drove over to my friend, who happens to be a vet, and she trimmed and glued him back together.  SO RELIEVED.  Because seriously, WHO DOES THAT?  Puts a hole in their dog's head??  Me, apparently!  And here is proof, once again, that God can work miracles: because He's sending me somewhere next year to work for Him!  But hopefully not with scissors.

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