Thursday, October 8, 2015

Freaking out and then not freaking out...

So I oscillate from AACKKKK I'm going to Guatemala to YAYAYAYAY I'm going to Guatemala!  So far yay seems to be winning but every once in a while ack wins.  Just back from Yosemite where I HIKED TO THE TOP OF HALF DOME (DING DING DING!!!!) and then Napa where I rode in a hot air balloon.  Because my life isn't awesome enough...God just keeps dropping more and more into my lap!  It's okay.  I know the suffering is coming.  It's been here before.  :o)

I started cultural sensitivity training yesterday.  I also ran twenty miles.  Marathon in, ummm, let's see...TEN DAYS!  I learned a lot from the modules (signed up by the mission group) and also the packet.  I also realized how much I need to focus on learning SPANISH.  Honestly the inability to speak the language well is my biggest fear.  That and my need to PRAY more.  Time to get back to basics.

The trip was beautiful.  Had an amazing time with a good friend, my aunt and another friend that I see on rare occasions but we have been BFFs since we were five.  God is good!

I got the low-down on making this blog official.  I can include pictures of the kids but not names.  I can talk about the mission but not in a negative light (duh!).  And I can continue to blog my experiences while in Guatemala.  Not ready to send this out to my friends and family but I will...soon...promise.  Guess I'll even put my picture in the profile spot.  Maybe.  :o)

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