Monday, October 12, 2015

Joie de vivre

Or however you spell it...:o)  Joy of living...that's what I'm experiencing right now!  I came home from Yosemite and the next morning ran 20 miles.  Then worked night shift.  Then worked again day shift and then I was off to cheer my sister on for her VERY FIRST MARATHON.  I woke up and arrived before sunrise.  Together we waited near the start line for her race to begin.  Then I climbed on my bike and headed over to mile 8 where I waited for her to come around the bend.  After collecting a group of people around me, some who came over just to see my signs ("I've heard so many people commenting about these signs, I had to come over to see what they say.") eventually my super amazing little sister came into sight!  

Quickly my signs flipped over and the funny sayings turned into cheers for this gal as she came down the street.  After she passed I headed back to my car and drove home, quick to shower and head into work for 11.  She finished with flying colors as a close friend of hers met her at the finish line.  I'm SO PROUD of my baby sister!!!  Running 26.2 miles is nothing to write off!  It's a pretty amazing accomplishment!  And ugh I'm supposed to run my marathon next weekend.  Hehe. Yikes!

Researched my European Christmas Markets trip today while patients trickled in. I'm not sure why but for whatever reason I am going to Austria, Germany, Prague and Budapest the week after Thanksgiving.  God knows exactly why.  I'm in the dark....

And that brings me to the title of my post.  Not sure how you spell it, but the JOY OF LIVING is a constant right now!  I love the color of the trees, the feeling of running, meeting and caring for patients, playing and laughing with my nieces and nephews and even studying Spanish.  I'm not sure if this is the result of doing God's Will or just a byplay of the excitement I have about this coming year but I love how every moment brings beauty and at this exact moment (yes, run-on sentence) I am appreciative and aware.  God is good.  All the time!!

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