Thursday, October 22, 2015

Running marathons....

I ran my second marathon this past weekend! In Acadia National amazingly beautiful!! And I was blessed to be with friends and have time before and after the race to just enjoy life. Nothing good in life is really free. Friends, family, love...all the really good stuff...comes with investment...of self, time, even money sometimes.

I'm saddened by my lack of ability to learn just doesn't seem like enough! My biggest hurdle so I will have to trust most fervently that God will get me through this!

Friends are adopting a new baby this coming month! It's so exciting...we have a fund raising party coming up. Spoke with a friend today about how maturity is such a blessing. As a teenager I saw myself living the rest of my life one, perfect way.  My life has turned out nothing like I supposed! And yet God is so good to me and fills my life with joy.  He knows what He is about.

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