Friday, November 6, 2015

Christmas Presents

Yes I know it isn't Thanksgiving yet...but I just finished making a bunch of Christmas presents and I So WANT TO TALK ABOUT THEM!!!  But this isn't a private blog any more...and heaven forbid one person read this and find out what I'm making for them so BLAH I won't say a word.  But let it be known: I am VERY excited about these unsayable things!!

Survived three night shifts, in a row, twelve hour night shifts...the kind that last twelve hours but feel like thirty.  And I'm signed up up for three more next week.  I have no idea how regular people do this on a regular basis!

I have my plane ticket for Guatemala.  And today I registered for a Spanish language school near the mission site.  I'm going to attend a week of classes before starting a two week orientation.  Exciting, but what the heck?!  I don't speak Spanish!

Fell hiking and then fell again running this past week.  Bruises everywhere.  

There are falling leaves are everywhere!  And they are slippery.  

Last week I when I was in Mondadnock everything was brown and burnt all the leaves were dead but just hadn't fallen off the trees yet.  Today as I was driving I noticed how bare the trees by the highway looked...once again: winter is upon us.  Seasons fly by, especially as I age. I wonder what season of life I'm in right now?  If this is summer...I kinda don't want it to end...but I also know that fall is beautiful and so is winter...albeit painful and cold...but really the snow is lovely (trying to convince myself).

Feeling awkward.  Seriously kinda hoping no one really reads this.  Until I get to Guatemala...of course...okay.  Coming off zombie nigh shift brain.  Maybe my next blog will be a bit more connected and sensible.  Or funny?  Funny would be good.

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  1. I read it! I love your writing. And yes, the fall is quick and winter comes upon us faster than we really want it to. At least, I feel that way. :)