Tuesday, December 15, 2015

So Much To Do

So little time to do it...Christmas is a crazy time of the year without moving to Guatemala!

Oh well, one day at a time.  And so blessed to be surrounded by friends and family who want to support me in this endeavor!  Christmas parties, breakfast/lunch/dinner get-togethers, doctor's appointments, shopping, packing, and of course traveling (doesn't everyone plan a trip to Mexico for a small vacation right before taking off for a year without an income?).

I'm a bit crazy.

Okay, maybe not just a bit...thought I'd get started with actual packing today.  Instead I picked up my Typhoid vaccine, met friends for Mass and lunch and then stopped by the salon and got a haircut before returning home to watch part of White Christmas with the kids.  Now I'm blogging.  I'm sure everything will fall together.  And if that happens the night before I fly out...so be it.

Ran my last race this past weekend with my bff and BIL...our last race until I return!  It was a fairly flat half marathon with lots of water stops, warm weather and a slow pace (yah, my slowest half EVER...sorry about that bff...) but we ran it!  And it was fun!  Afterwards was the Christmas Tea we've had every year since I was in high school...another great time!  And then Mass.  And a chance to rest, and think, and breathe.  

I have a feeling that after this mad rush to get EVERYTHING in order, celebrated, done, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...I'm going to arrive in Guatemala and be quite underwhelmed by what I'm required to do.  And at this exact moment: that sounds pretty good to me. :o)

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