Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Small Tour

This is a small tour of the campus of Nuestros Hermanos Pequeños where I am currently working for the year.  It's only an overview but will give you an idea of how it looks here in Guatemala!

I'm still overwhelmed with how beautiful the area is!  Blue skies and sun during the day, crystal clear nights full of's pretty special.  God is such an artist!

Above is the soccer field.  It is where I run every morning...err...some mornings...before work.

This is the school and basketball court. Volcano in the background. Kids between third and eighth grade (I think) attend here from NPH and the surrounding towns.

This is one of the workshops.  They have a carpenter, seamstress, baker, metalworker and I don't know what else working here, teaching the kids.

This is a picture from the bodega, the storage and distribution building.  All our soap, toilet paper, school supplies, etcetera come from here.

The tortilla maker.  Yep, it's cool.

The gardens...growing our own food!

One of the bedrooms for the kids.

Clothes closet, more or less. 

They wash clothes, dishes, and basically everything in these huge sinks at the back of every house.

Montessori School for youngest kids. 

Music room!  Keyboards and violins!

In front of the office...and your basic mode of transportation when not taking the chicken bus.

And if you are wondering about the clinic itself, just follow the link!


  1. Interesting photos. Thanks Hail!

  2. Amazing service they are providing for these children!