Thursday, January 7, 2016

El agua y las flores...and not sick yet!

So if any of you are wondering if I am sick yet: nope, not yet.  The houses that NPH provides are on some kind of filter system and we can supposedly drink right from the tap.  So far...this is true.  I've been warned not to eat ANY street food.  Two of the previous volunteers have told me horror stories of having parasites and being sick for four months.  I think I will try to stick to the "if you don't boil, bake, or peel it, don't eat it" rule.  It's going to get harder as it gets warmer though!  The ice cream they sell on the street looks just like ours!

I feel like the years of attempting to learn Spanish have been a good foundation for coming here.  After four days of classes, I finally get (or I think I get!) the difference between imperfecto and preterito (the two past tenses that they use in Spanish). Now to use them properly.  And I seriously wish God had created a hard drive in my head that I could down load vocabulary into.  It would be great to just remember these words without having to forget them five thousand times first!  Oh the end of the year I should have some of them down.

These first couple of days have flown by so quickly.  After tomorrow I'll be done with my class and daily trip into Antigua.  Orientation starts Monday.  I am not sure what I'll be doing this weekend.  That's okay.  

I do plan to blog in more detail about Antigua, Parramos and NPH once I, um, have more details.  Until then...adios!  

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