Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Just finished playing soccer...

I'd love to describe a typical weekday here but quite frankly, I haven't figured out what that is!  My mornings usually start with a run followed by lots of coffee on my front porch.  (Guatemalan coffee is the best.  Period.)  The past week has been noisy as we had a leadership conference going on for all of NPH and they were staying in the dormitory just below my house.  They left at three o'clock this morning though, so now it is quiet again.  

After coffee and breakfast I head to the clinic for 8am.  I usually start with my computer work and then after an hour help prepare all the meds for the kids for the next 24 hours.  This is usually interrupted by kids arriving for their scheduled health exams and others for sick complaints.  I take a break around 10:30 for coffee with one of my friends and we usually chat at the outdoor cafe for a little bit.  I return around 11 and then work til one doing everything from stocking meds to making power point health presentations for the staff and kids.  

I found out today that starting in March, language ability permitting, I am going to perform the health exams on the well children.  Actually, I'm glad to be doing something that is more like my normal job...this would be the first thing.  :o)  At one I sometimes go with the nurse to distribute meds and learn the kids faces but nothing is every really the same and so I might also be helping change a wound vac or learning the computer process for the health exam.  

Lunch is served at 1:30 and I get a 45 minute break.  Then back to work around 2:30.  It cracks me up how I have absolutely no clue half the time what is going on.  Yesterday the entire special needs house showed up for their monthly weigh in and we spent over an hour trying to get that done.  Comical and pretty cute. I wish you could see their smiles and hear their giggles!

After five I head back to my house, change, and then go to my section of kids, which happens to be the special needs house.  They eat at 5:20ish so I usually get there in time to help serve food and then I help feed the ones who have difficulty.  Afterwards I wash dishes and then kiss everyone goodnight because by 6 they are in bed.  If I am lucky I can hit Mass on my way back home, depending on which day it is and how late Mass started.  

Then in the blink of an eye everything can change and we are all sent to a team building exercise like this afternoon where all the staff came together to play soccer for half an hour and watch a heart-wrenching short movie about helping those in need.  I really can't keep up but at least I can't get too lost here.  The language is above all my biggest challenge, but it's going to be okay. One day at a time!