Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Since yesterday...

Well I don't start work until next Monday and class is only in the I'm afraid you are getting a play-by-play introduction to my life in Guatemala!

Since yesterday I have been into Antigua and back, by myself, on the camineta (local bus) for the second time and I didn't die!!! I also walked through the market. Did I mention yet that I visited Antigua over ten years ago for a retreat while on a medical mission? It's funny but I see things and I think, "Oh, I remember that!" There are a ton of expats and students in Antigua which means they are used to extranjeros.  It's a nice city to have a bus ride away.

I've also been to Mass!  There is a chapel a stone's throw from my house! Last night I saw the light on and went inside.  It was just me, two other adults and about twenty boys. It was beautiful. 

This morning I braved the altitude and went for my first run... Around the soccer field. I only ran 1.5 miles before calling it quits... But I ran! And mentally I am so much better. Prayer and running de-stress!

So update on the rat situation: they moved me to the guest house while they fumigate or poison the rats (yay!!).  I'll be here for three days and then it's back to the dormitory to live for another week (when the rest of the new volunteers arrive).

Okay, time to get out my Spanish homework!  Hasta luego!

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