Saturday, January 30, 2016

Spontaneous hugs

I wish there was a way to put on how awesome the kids in my section are!  I had a run of spontaneous hugs today from these special needs kids.  I spent the morning with them...first we painted our nails (there are 8 girls and 4 boys), well the girl's nails.  Elsa painted mine.  She lit up like a Christmas tree when I asked her!  Afterwards we put together a poster with their names in the center of flowers.  This was the epitome of my creativeness but Elsa has already given me an idea for next time: Valentine's hearts.  I also made them a cake and even though the bottom was a little dark, I only received rave reviews...can you see why I love these kids?

For the rest of the morning we practiced our skit.  There was a mime competition this evening with all the sections and for our skit we pretended we were in a car.  It was so cute!  We covered our faces with baby oil and talcum powder, pulled on black shirts and black gloves, and pretended we were driving fast, had a breakdown, and got locked out of the car.  The kids loved it!  And so did I!

My clinic time is still difficult with the language barrier but there is no barrier when you are speaking to kids in love.  Smiles, hugs and time together...these kids understand that.  I wish you could know them.  Maria with her crooked smile, always trying to pull your eyebrow or join pinkies in a pinky promise.  Jose who constantly holds his bowl up in the air to show me the bottom markings.  And Adelphia with her shy smiles, tight hugs and quiet conversation...she is a beauty.  And of course, my favorite, Amelia, always smiling and happy.  Working hard and verbal enough to ask me how my day is, what my favorite color is, and if I like to dance.  Love her.

I'm so blessed to be here.  Definitely feeling the benefit of loving these kids.  And it far outweighs the difficulty of learning Spanish while working in a professional environment!  God is good. All the time.

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