Monday, January 4, 2016

What you make of it

Arrived! Exhausted and rather a zombie... But here I am!!

So what is it like? First impressions are rather inaccurate but here goes:

First of all, it is peaceful and seemingly empty. We are in the mountains and there are birds and flowers and buildings spread out on grassy hills. I haven't seen or heard much but I am told this will change somewhat (well not the flowers... But the emptiness) once winter vacation is over and the half of the campus that are teachers and student boarders return. Right now only the niños (orphans) are here and since I only saw them as I walked by the commodore (eating hall) I believe I only saw forty or so kids. Oh plus the kids we passed in town enjoying their Sunday afternoon in the main town square.

Second it is friendly.  All the volunteers who have been here for the past year are smiling and welcoming. They all say how sad they are to go. I met the nurse that I am replacing last night and we drank coffee together this morning. She tells me that the clinic experience is what you make of it. I am not surprised by this as anything worthy I have ever done before required an investment of time, heart, and mind. I'm sure God will make clear the things he wants of me, hopefully with as little anxiety as possible!  I'm sure there will be boring days and days where I feel completely unnecessary... But since God brought me here he must want those days and I know there will be awesome days to offset them!

And thirdly, it's Spanish! From being picked up at the airport to coffee this morning, everyone speaks Spanish. This is good for me as I don't think I can learn any other way... And many of the volunteers told me they didn't speak Spanish when they arrived... So not to worry! Going to limit my internet time once I start working next week... Because I think it will help me if I am living mentally here as well as physically (if that makes sense) plus the internet is slow... Going to try to blog every weekend though. We'll see how that goes!