Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Gotta be honest...I'm tired of everywhere being dangerous.  I've never lived in a part of the world where it was considered risky to just go out the front gate.  If you walk to Parramos (town that is a five minute walk away), be aware people have been kidnapped off that road.  And less than two years ago there was a huge gang thing in town and police were apparently everywhere.  

Today I went into Guatemala City for a specialist appointment with one of the kids.  There are zones there I am told NEVER to go into and for the rest, well, just stay inside whatever building you are there to see.  Even City Park in the center is considered very dangerous, even for Guatemalteccans, at night.  I also went to Chimeltenango today with one of the kids for his X-rays.  This is the city I was told NEVER to go to and honestly, it's so disappointing because it is such a cute, cute town!  I just wanted to stroll around, look at things and people watch.  Not safe.

Speaking of dangerous I am listening to the loud belching of the nearby volcano as it rumbles through the sky.  The thing is super active tonight.  Smoke and red flames out the top.  How weird to listen and not even feel a little trepidation?  The locals say it is louder and brighter than they can remember.  Hmmm.

All this to say that even though I do not want to live my life in fear, I have a feeling it would be wise to live in caution.  So I'll wait and see where and how I get to places.  In the car today with locals I was perfectly fine AND I got to see a little bit, albeit from the backseat but I did get out!

Wish I had a great night camera to show you the volcano.  Prayers for everyone as we begin lent!


  1. Please heed the warnings of the people who know this country, please stay safe and know we love you!!

    1. Definitely! Thank you! 😊😊😊