Monday, February 22, 2016

I hiked a volcano!

I hiked my first active volcano yesterday!  Pacaya is about 2 hours from Antigua and its last big eruption was in 2010...its last small, lava flowing eruption was in 2014.  My stats may be a little off, I was listening to them in Spanish.

The place is like a wasteland, very little fauna, black rocks and steam rising.  I went with another volunteer for the afternoon and we saw the most amazing sunset.  It was almost mystical...or like really poor special effects from a B-rated movie.

The turning the corner thing is real.  I already have plans for my next two weekends off (read in two weeks and then two weeks after that).  I found a website with biking tours, kayaking tours and hiking tours.  I'm so excited!  My tax return and last work bonus came this past Thursday so now I know exactly how much extra money I have for excursions.  I'm ready to see this country!  Well, in between working at the clinic and spending time with my section.  After all, that is why I'm here.  :o)

So just some pictures from this beautiful hike.  It was about 8km roundtrip and there were horses available if the hike became too strenuous. Only one woman, a nice lady from Australia, availed herself of this service half way up.  She arrived in Guatemala three days ago and I don't think she appreciated the affect the altitude would have on her.  Altitude is real and the body definitely needs time to adjust!

Missing all my friends and family.  Wish you all could climb and see this country with me!  I'll try to bring you along for at least some of it with this blog!  Abrazos a todo!

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  1. We miss you to, but your blog makes us feel just a little more in touch with you and your extraordinary work there!! xoxo