Sunday, February 28, 2016

Serious thoughts

When you are taken outside of yourself and placed in a new world with new people, you tend to question a lot... From who you are, all the way to what you believe is true. In the day to day of my normal life at home I think I just take it all in stride, but here, when I'm faced with my own selfishness and weakness, when it's entirely up to me if I want to do the right thing, say the right thing, believe the right thing... Well it makes it all so clear that the way I live my life has to be based on something greater than what my family thinks, my friends think, my boss or pastor or anyone else thinks.  

When the people around you don't know you, don't have expectations about you based on previous knowledge of your character... Well there is the loss of a big motivation to be the person that you think you are or should be.  If in this moment I were to abandon my faith or life long desire to be holy, no one would really know... Even more, no one would really care.  There is definitely time here for some serious soul searching. Grateful I'm not alone and that though my faith is challenged, it is not lost. Being accountable only to God is a new experience and it's good for me.

On a less serious note, I started salsa lessons, joined a local basketball team and started teaching some of the girls how to crochet. Also found what I think is perpetual adoration in Parramos! Life goes on!


  1. Selfishness and weakness do not exist in you Elizabeth! Can't wait to lean Salsa!! Love you my friend!

  2. Lol! I will teach you! Or come visit and we can learn together!