Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Turned a corner

I think I’ve finally turned a corner in my stay here in Guatemala.  For one thing, I not only like beans and rice…I find myself craving them…for dinner…for snack...for lunch...even breakfast!  Nothing is more disappointing than going up to the commodore to get food and finding out we are having ramen noodles.   And DO NOT substitute rolls for the tortillas!  I'd rather starve!

Just kidding!  Not that picky but yeah, totally loving the beans and rice thing (for now).  I’m also feeling more confident with the language…plenty is said that goes right over my head but people talk to me now, in Spanish, and I answer, in Spanish.  It’s pretty amazing.  Okay, to me, it’s pretty amazing.

Another reason I know I’ve finally turned a corner is because I want to GO places again!  I’ve spent the last six weeks at NPH just trying to figure out when I can wash my clothes and how to buy a papaya.  Now I don’t care if I have a papaya…I want to see things!  Hoping to hike the Pacaya Volcano this weekend with one of the other volunteers.  I REALLY hope it is a clear day!  Since it is only 20 USD roundtrip…I guess I can always go up it again if my pictures are a bust.

Another reason I know I’ve turned a corner is because I am enjoying my section and job.  I don’t count down the minutes until I can get back to my house and um, not speak Spanish.  Tonight I am going to Mass.  Father is going to let me go to confession in English!  I approached him last night about trying it in Spanish but admitted I didn’t think it would end well.  He very hesitantly told me in English, “Then speak English.”  No he doesn’t really speak English…but we will get by!  Is it a bad thing that I am ecstatic he won’t be able to understand me completely?  Ayayaya.

Missing you all!  Lots of love and prayers!

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  1. What could you possibly have to confess, in Spanish or English!!! Miss you too and always in my prayers!! xoxo Di