Monday, March 7, 2016

Lago Atitlan

I wasn't sure what to post first: visiting Lake Atitlan or seeing the Semana Santa procession in Antigua.  Both are beautiful!  And both deserve time in the spotlight!  As you can tell, it was a rather busy non-working weekend!

 Lake Atitlan is about two and half hours away from where I live...on a very windy, very hilly road!  I went with a group of medicos from the Medical Conference we had last week.  Many of my fellow volunteers lived and attended Spanish classes at the lake for the month before we started working at NPH but for me: it was my first time.

When finally you arrive at the first town on the lake, you are greeted with an amazing vista.  There is a slow descent to the edge of the water where we parked our microbus and caught a boat.  There are several small towns located around the lake, but we were only there for the day so we headed to one of the larger places called San Pedro.  Here we walked, shopped, ate, visited the church and walked to the highest point we could find to look over the town.  

The day was beautiful, even after the sky opened and a torrential downpour began.  We hurriedly returned to the boat, enduring a rapid and somewhat jumpy race across the lake back to our original port.  We arrived just in time for the rain to stop and spent what little time we had left browsing in the markets.

Mostly writing this blog to show the pictures.  It is a beautiful, beautiful place!


  1. It looks beautiful! Glad you had some well deserved time off with friends! Love and miss you! xoxo