Friday, March 4, 2016

Medical Conference AKA Taller Medico

This past week was the annual NPH medical conference.  I guess I lucked out because it was held in Guatemala this year so I was able to attend.  There were doctors and nurses from 7 different central and south American countries and several administrators (all from Europe).  Everyone works for NPH and in a variety of different settings.  Some countries have small clinics where there is just one doctor and one nurse while others have a huge clinic with a large staff (they also care for the community, not just NPH kids).  The homes are also varied...some countries house severely disabled kids while others are simply caring for healthy ones.  

During the conference we had classes on childhood development, both physical and mental; classes on adult and pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation; classes on the psychological, cognitive and sexual development of a child; moral decision making in instances of abuse; classes on the electronic medical record and case presentations from each country.  Very interesting (well, except for the EMR parts) and I am so glad I was included!

I'm also exhausted.  Everything was in Spanish and the constant interaction with people I don't know combined with accents I am not familiar with was pretty draining.  I love meeting new people (and these guys are pretty awesome!) but it is hard to continually put yourself forward and be friendly when you can't speak or understand the language very well.  Glad to be here though and I know it is a pretty unique life experience for me.  I doubt something like this will come my way again!

Next week I need to get all my own personal work assignments done in the clinic because starting March 16th I will be taking my place in the nursing rotation and working 24 hour shifts for three weeks.  I'm a little freaking out.  Just a little.  :o)  

Going to visit Lago Atitlan tomorrow with some of the medicos...and it is also the last day with my friend who leaves for Honduras on Sunday.  I think I'll put off thinking about everything else until Monday!


  1. Always new things to learn and experience. I know how much you love that!! Always in my prayers my friend! Love you!

  2. Love your comments!! Miss you! Prayers!