Monday, March 21, 2016

Megapaca, locked doors and basketball

Somehow I don't speak Spanish and I don't play basketball but I ended up on a women's Guatemalan (spanish-speaking) basketball team.  We practice twice a week and play on weekends in a near-by town.  I have now officially played basketball five times.  Three practices and two games.  My first game they didn't keep score because we were that bad.  The second game we lost....59-6.  

But I am having so much fun!  I love that I get to play with local women from the nearby town, that I'm learning a new sport, and that I'm learning a whole new spanish vocabulary: de basket.  Our coach is awesome and over-all: I enjoy it.  Except that whole, "aaack he might put me in" feeling during the game.  I don't love that.

Chima, where we have our games, is actually a pretty neat town.  It is one of those dangerous places we should never go.  But they have a mall and a really neat second hand store (run by Goodwill) called Megapaca.  A fellow volunteer and I braved the dangerous roads in a microbus and chicken bus in order to: SHOP!  Who knew it was so americanized??

Since we didn't die, I was able to work my second 24 hour shift on Saturday.  This was fine except I managed to lock the clinic keys inside the wound room (we douse it with bleach and use it to change dressings on serious wounds).  I then called ON THE PHONE the director IN SPANISH and told him what I had done.  Please note: this was a telephone SPANISH...just wanted to make sure that came across clearly.

Anyway, he couldn't do anything that night so I stopped by my house after pm meds were distributed and grabbed a blanket.  I then slept on the exam table in the doctor's office because the room with the nurse's bed was LOCKED.  The next morning someone came and climbed on the roof, through a window in said roof and into the locked room with the keys.  And that's how we got the keys back.  It was so ridiculous I wasn't even that upset.  It was more of a "REALLY?" moment when I locked them inside than anything else.  The nurse on the next shift told me she did the same thing last better I felt.  

Yesterday was the day of visitors and today was our total campus work day but more on that la-tah!

Missing everyone.  Lots!


  1. Looks like the kids and I will have to hone in on our basketball skills. Glad you are having fun, we miss you to. Wow, basketball, wound clinic, chicken buses, we may just have to visit. If we leave now we should get there by the first of Octember.

  2. I'll wait up for you guys! Hey maybe I can teach you all how to play! Maybe...😃

  3. I'll let Geno know your available!! Miss you! xoxo

    1. Lol I think that ship has sailed but thank you Di! 😀😀😀