Thursday, March 10, 2016

Semana Santa

As some of you may know, Holy Week in latino countries is not just the week before Easter...processions and celebrations begin the day after Ash Wednesday and continue until the resurrection.  In Antigua, a rather touristy city, they have a procession with floats, costumes, bands, incense and carpets made of flowers lining the streets every Sunday for the six weeks prior.  Each week things become more elaborate and did I mention long?  These processions last all day!  With hundreds watching and even more actually processing.

I was able to attend last weekend's procession because it was my weekend off.  This coming week I start 24 hours shifts and then I am on a working stretch from Holy Thursday through Monday of Easter week.  So unfortunately this is the only procession I am going to see this year (that I know of at this exact moment in time...things are ALWAYS changing!). are some pictures to give you a general idea.  Can't tell you how neat it was to watch something that has been going on for centuries (I think it must have come over with the least I have been to Holy Week processions in Spain that were similar, albeit not as spectacular)...and happening on cobblestone streets in the same place people have processed for centuries.  Very neat.

My first night shift is Friday.  Not really ready but much closer to ready than I was two months ago!  Baby steps!


  1. Beautiful pictures, a country steeped with tradition!! Love and miss you Elizabeth, stay safe!

    1. Thank you!!! So glad to share! Miss you too!!