Saturday, April 2, 2016

Combo Blog

First of all: THANK YOU EVERYONE for your prayers!  My grandma made a beautiful turn around and came out of intensive care and finally to a nursing home earlier this week!  God is good!  And we're blessed to have her with us still!

This is a combo blog because I feel like I have missed a couple important events I want to share and I don't have the patience to blog about each one over the next couple weeks!  Plus, I am assuming there will be more events and then I'll just never catch up!  So first thing:


So three times a year we have a day where extended family and friends of the kids who live here are invited to visit.  The kids who have visitors are ecstatic and usually spend the morning and lunch talking, playing, and receiving sweets and gifts from their family.  The other kids, historically, have stayed in their section and basically just remembered that no one was visiting them.  To remedy this, the volunteers have begun a day of games to distract the kids from thinking about their missing families.  We go all out, including a bouncy house, slip-in-slide, and multiple sports/table games.  My job was the pizza truck, which you see inside above, going around and handing out all types of pizza.


The day of work came right after the day of family.  We all, and I mean ALL, were assigned to different groups and cleaned ALL of NPH.  I was in the school group and for three hours we swept, mopped and cleaned the school, library and around the clinic.  Not going to lie...that was exhausting!


Easter was beautiful!  During Holy Week all the volunteers worked in their sections as caregivers while the Tias and Tios took a well deserved vacation.  Easter Sunday we set up an Easter egg hunt for the kids and I wish you could have seen their faces!  The smallest kids were adorable, dressed up in their Easter clothes, running around finding colorful eggs full of candy!  We also had three eggs painted silver, gold and bronze. These eggs were worth money so they were definitely the prize eggs!


So I had a friend come visit!  She came into town for Holy Week and I met up with her on Easter.  On my way into Antigua I took some pictures of the alfombras in Parramos.  It was Easter Sunday and there was a triple wedding happening on the front steps of the church with Mass and everything!

It was SO NICE to see a friend from home!  We had a late lunch and strolled around Antigua until evening.  Then I went back to NPH to work another day before we headed on another adventure to Esquipulas...but this will have to wait for another blog.  This one is certainly long enough!  God bless and Alleluia!

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