Thursday, April 14, 2016

Random NPH stories

And other such first week here we had a meeting with a former resident who was raised, educated and is now employed by NPH.  He gave us a beautiful talk about his experiences (in English).  He spoke of his own first few days at NPH, recounting how he was welcomed off the street and told that, even if he burned down the buildings, he would still be wanted here.  He spoke of the life he left and the person he would have become.  He finished his talk by saying, "We are a normal family, we just have lots of problems."  I know this is true and the longer I live here, the more normal those problems seem!

We had an outbreak of scabies and strep throat this past week.  We still haven't completely cleaned up as another kid tested positive for strep this morning and a different kid showed up with the scabies rash.  I have seen both many times in the US.  It is something fairly easy to contain by basically quarantining an entire family in their house for a few days while they all take medicine.  Here it is a different story because we have over 200 kids living together....and we can't conveniently put everyone on medication and lock them up for 24 hours.

I joined a soccer tournament.  We play for eight weeks and the winning team goes home with some quetzales in their pockets.  The little kids from the Baby House come and watch, cheering us on.  One of the girls broke her ankle during this week's game.  She's staying in the clinic with her leg elevated for a couple days.

I sat down the other evening with three of the girls from my special needs section and made bracelets.  It was so peaceful as the sun reached the horizon and music played in the background.  One of those moments that is so much a part of what makes up every day life here and yet these are the moments I want to remember.  The laughing, giggling...the kids struggling to put rubber bands on the bracelet-maker struggling to understand some song in Spanish about a butterfly...just having fun together.

I start 24 hour shifts again this Sunday.  All week has been so tranquil.  I've caught up on all my paperwork, vaccines, inspections etc.  Oh, and I found out how much the nurses' monthly salary is today...I'm going to work any shift they ask me to cover for free!  No way am I taking anything away from that!  

My sister's response when I told her the amount (after shock) was that probably they work just as hard as we do in the states...and I laughed to myself...because, if anything, they work much, much harder!

Hasta luego!

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