Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Special Olympics

Every other Monday all the special needs kids climb into a van and head into Guatemala City for Special Olympics meets.  There are kids from all over the surrounding areas, aging from five or so up to grey-haired special needs adults.  They all are wear matching uniforms and are given the chance to run fifty, one hundred and two hundred yard dashes.  

This week's meet was held at San Mateo Flores, the national futbol team's stadium.  The place is huge!  And very pretty.  We arrived around ten in the morning and went to our assigned sections.  Then the kids were called up for their respective races.  Not to brag, but our kids placed in the top three spots for pretty much every race!

I wish I could post close ups of the kids!  The smiles that stretched across their faces as they ran, so excited to hear their names cheered!  Some of the kids were able to stay in between the lines on the tracks, others ran straight across all the tracks to be with their group (never even making it to the finish line!) while others just stood and watched while other kids ran past them.  

All in all it was a really great day!  We had so much fun and the kids proudly went home with paper medals, crowning their achievements.  Just another great experience with these awesome guys!

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