Saturday, April 23, 2016

Stop moments

Sometimes I just stop where I am, look around me, and wonder, "How did I go from cutting carpet to living in Guatemala?"  Today I was in the middle of the courtyard where I had single-handedly brought eight special needs kids outside to throw a ball, play with stuffed animals and walk around in circles.  As I walked with one little girl, I looked around at the surrounding mountains and volcanoes, the perfectly formed clouds, the storm moving in, and had that stop moment.  

Sometimes this moment comes early in the morning, when I'm heading toward the commodore with morning meds and I am walking through the early sunlit world, listening to birds and taking in the ginormous sky.  Other times it is at night when I'm walking down the eons of stairs to my casa, barely lit by one streetlight.  It is when I stop and ask God, "How did you get me here?" because sometimes it just seems too unreal.  Especially when I think of my normal life!

I read a meme today that said, "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."  Judging by my first four months here, I am going to be a completely different person when I come home!  

Yesterday was crazy with another 24 hour shift that ended at 8 this morning.  Today was completely tranquilo with the morning spent painting kids' nails, making an animal sticker book and reading books I had brought from the library.  And hugs. Lots of hugs.

It has really started raining.  Yesterday we had our first major thunderstorm.  I now know the word for thunder in Spanish.  And it is raining again right now.  I was told the rainy season begins in May but I guess we are starting early.  Since it has rained maybe once before this since I came in January...its a whole new experience!  There goes the thunder again and a bit of lightening.  How weird...I live in a world of volcanoes and hurricanes.  Lol, another stop moment.  :o)

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