Monday, April 18, 2016

Strawberry crepes

 So I'm taking a poll.  Do you or do you not think that it is possible to eat an entire bottle of cinnamon in thirty seconds?  I took one of the girls in my proyecto familiar group to the bathroom today and her brother was standing there with an empty, newly opened bottle of cinnamon when I returned less than two minutes later.  "Where did it go!?" I asked in surprise.  "Oh," he says nonchalantly, "I ate it."  "The whole thing?"  No change in expression, "yep." Is that even a thing?

When I told my kids we were having our proyecto today, I had to explain to the youngest little girl (no more than five) what that meant.  When I told her we were getting together with her family, her face lit up and she jumped up and down saying, "With my mom?  My mom is coming?"  Broke my heart!  "No, just your big brothers," I told her trying to stay upbeat.

We made crepes.  I'm sure all the tios and tias are hating me right now.  Besides the cinnamon, an entire bottle of choconela (pure chocolate and peanut butter) disappeared.  Unlike the cinnamon, I saw that go down four throats.

The kids got all into the action, cutting up the strawberries, mixing the crepes and then pouring and flipping them.  We ate more crepes than I thought humanly possible.  These kids do not mess around.

We watched Zootopia.  Is that out on DVD?  I think my 10Q (approximately $1.20) copy in Spanish from a vendor in the market in Antigua is a bootlegger version...but we enjoyed it!  Do they even have copyright laws in Guatemala?  I think maybe not.

Absolutely love these kids.  They are just real, honest to goodness kids...who have had a tough life.  They would say please, thank you, and ask before they touched a strawberry but then they would hit each other when one brother got in the way of another or the little sister touched them with her chocolate covered hands.  Her older brother then politely explained to me why he has a marijuana leaf self tattooed on his arm.  

I so wish I could post pictures of the kids faces as they ate!  The youngest boy told me he "likes every part of this proyecto!"  Made the missing cinnamon and the three trips to carry all the stuff for our afternoon more than worth it!

One of my roommate's friends just came in all shaken up after watching a drive-by shooting occurr in front of her today while riding the chicken bus.  Another reminder that I'm not in Kansas anymore!

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