Monday, May 2, 2016

Black sands beaches

I took two of my special needs kids to Parramos for ice cream this afternoon.  We had a great time!  Well except when I noticed one of Angie's shoes was missing, we were standing in the middle of the park, and it was no where to be seen.  We limped along the way we had come until we encountered it in the middle of the street in front of the ice cream tienda.  She chose at that moment to bum-plant in the middle of the road, presumedly to put her shoe on, and I had a few panic moments as a motorcycle came upon us.  

All ended well and we continued to the park.  After ice cream we climbed in a tuktuk.  I was so impressed!  The driver not only helped me get Angie in and out (she doesn't walk or climb well), he put her shoe back on when it fell off and then wouldn't let me pay for her ride!  If only everyone in Parramos and Guatemala was like this!  I would be able to walk into town alone! sands beaches!  We went to Montericco on Saturday.  It's about two and a half hours away and is the real deal: real ocean, real sand, and real heat!  Much, much hotter than here in the mountains!  The only catch is the sand is: BLACK.  Which means: SUPER HOT!  But so very beautiful!

The sand is black because of all the volcanic rock.  The beach is on the pacific side of Guate and I'm told the Carribbean side has white sand.  We spent the day at a cute little resort with beach chairs, private pools and a restaurant.  So relaxing!

The waves were nine feet tall and so powerful that you could barely stand in them! Some brave souls went past the waves in order to swim.  I watched them go in from my lounge chair, closed my eyes, and hoped I'd see them again.  It was an AMAZING day!

Definitely going back!  My mom surprised me and bought a ticket for August!  I'm so excited!  Hoping to bring her to see the beach when she comes!  And I know exactly where to go now!

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