Monday, May 16, 2016

Border Crossing: Honduras

So I finally crossed the frontera after five months of living in Guatemala.  Six hours to Honduras isn't too bad!  I went with a fellow volunteer, leaving at 4 in the morning, and spent the weekend in Copan, a beautiful little town!  We met up with a sweet lady from Slovenia who was traveling alone and kind of adopted her into our group.  One of the things I like most about traveling is how many, many interesting people you get to meet who also love traveling!

We hit the hot springs first, taking a ride in a local man's private truck for about forty minutes until we arrived literally in the middle of nowhere.  The springs themselves were AMAZING!!  I've dipped in hot springs before but none so private, natural and just lovely.  There were several lines of pools along the side of the hill and each one blocked the others so we felt like we had the entire place to ourselves!

One thing I've noticed since before I spoke any Spanish is that I now can have conversations with people that I rather wish I couldn't.  The driver started by talking to us about how much he had traveled, how he always knew he would marry a rich person, how he had a one month old son but wasn't with his girlfriend and could we please explain why a man can never trust a woman and why women never trust men.  I'm pretty sure five months ago our conversation would have been limited to "Are you from the United States?"  "Yes, I'm from the United States."  "What's your name?"  "My name is..." and "I like trees, ice cream and the color orange."

Something you may not know about Central America, at least the parts I've been in, is that the showers run hot water on the lowest setting.  This means if you turn the handle all the way up to the highest setting, you will have the coldest water.  Since this is the opposite of the US, I'm pretty sure I spent my first month here taking the coldest showers on record.

The next morning we took an interesting and beautiful tour of the Copan Ruinas. I'll upload a separate blog later this week with lots of pictures.

One of the hardest parts of taking the weekend off is coming back to work.  While in Honduras I saw shuttles for $25 to Nicaragua and it was so tempting to just take off and never look back.  My twenty four hour shifts have finished until December and right now I don't know what God will use to fill my time as my regular job probably fills only a quarter of the time I originally put in (now that I've computerized and organized all the information, it is just a matter of printing out what schedules and such need to be done each week).  Trying not to be discouraged as I want to work hard while I'm here. I'm sure something will come up soon.  I'll just have to keep trusting God!

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