Thursday, May 19, 2016

The struggle is real

So it isn't really any different from normal life, but some days are just a little bit tougher than others here in Guatemala.  

Yesterday our entire house realized we have head lice.  :o/  My first time...hopefully my last...but I've got to say, you know who your friends are when they'll pick lice out of your hair!

One of the nurse's I work with had a death in the family yesterday and I had to unexpectedly cover her 24 hour shift.  While working I wrote a letter to someone I don't know at the behest of my boss and received a very scathing reply...short and inconsiderate.  I wanted to write back: don't shoot the messenger!  But I'm not sure how to say that in Spanish.  No hablo español!

Then I experienced a very rare event where that same person who wrote the slightly rude letter tried to get me in trouble with my boss (without me actually being in trouble with my boss, thankfully!) by calling her and telling her I haven't been doing my job (which, phew, I had).  Oh well, water under the bridge...and no, I'm not even sure who this person is!  Just a name on a letter!  I'm told this is cultural.  I think it might just be human nature! I'm thinking back to the hot springs and the ruins...not focusing on yesterday!!  I need to remember that after the downs come the ups.  And in another ten days I'll have a friend visiting!  And tonight I get to hang with my kids.  So it's all good.

In photos, here are the Mayan ruins of Copan.  Of note is King Eighteen Rabbits: only because he is everywhere and has a very easy to remember name!  Our guide was super awesome.  His grandfather down to his generation have worked at the archeological dig site and he could tell us what it was like inside the pyramids during an excavation!

The ruins were absolutely beautiful!  So was the weather!  And the Macaws, flying wild, were breath-taking.  Definitely glad I made the trek!  Glad that I didn't know a struggle day was coming but in the big picture I'm glad to have the struggle days too...because they make me appreciate the fun, easy and love-filled days even more!

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