Thursday, May 26, 2016

Whoomp, there it is!

Well I really, really thought I'd be writing this blog to solicit donations to bring my kids to the beach in November for my despedida (leave-taking)...I created a GoFundMe account this past week thinking it might take me until November to raise $500.  

Instead, the most amazing, awesome people in the world (mostly from work!) came up with not only the $500 but $600 dollars in JUST ONE DAY!!  I almost cried!  People are so very generous!!!  I really think God must want these kids at the beach!

So a HUGE and LOVING GRACIAS!!!!  To everyone and all who shared my GoFundMe account, wrote words of encouragement and especially to those who donated!!  So very blessed to have you in my life and now sharing that blessing with these kids!

Today in the van as we were driving home from therapy I heard one of my kids (sitting in the back) say to one of the tias, "But we're really going to miss Elizabeth when she goes, aren't we?"  And the tia responded, "Yes, but don't worry.  That's not for a very long time."  Love these kids!  Thank you letting me do just a little bit more for them!!

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