Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Moving forward...adelante.  I still have six more months here in Guatemala (and eleven days) but already I am beginning to look forward.  Not because I want to leave or move on, but rather because life happens and for some reason we have to make plans for it.  My boss contacted me and it looks like I'll be able to work when I get home (that's good!).  I asked to make my start date February 1st.  I also talked to my tenants and it looks like they are going to rent my house for another year.  I'm glad to have these things settled and yet at the same time: aack! I'm not ready to!

So I'm trying to stay focused and live in the moment.  Started back up with vaccinations yesterday.  This entire week I'll be giving these poor kids shots.  Yesterday I had two families come in for tetanus boosters.  Of all the kids ranging from age four to fourteen, guess who was the easiest and least afraid to get a shot?  The four year old!  So funny.  She just rolled up her sleeve and stuck her arm right out, no fear whatsoever.  You just never know with kids!

Our soccer team has one more game to determine if we are in the final game.  We are already talking about what sport the NPH tournament will be in the fall.  Since we had an exceptional amount of broken bones this past tournament with soccer, we are kind of hoping the over-riding vote will be for volley ball.  Since I like both sports, I'm excited to join in with either!

Did I mention my basketball career is over!?  But I am going out very happy.  I made a basket, fouled someone else, was fouled by someone else, got a rebound, and learned how to do a lay up.  Apparently the only thing I missed during my short career was committing a technical foul.  If I had aspirations of playing again, I found an easy way to make a technical: you just walk off the court in the middle of play! This way I couldn't hurt good all around, right?  :o)

We get our new volunteers this coming weekend.  Only three.  We are losing two in total, the second leaves tomorrow.  My room was changed so I have a new bedroom and a new roommate.  So far, everything is good and I'm sure it will stay that way.  :o)

Hope everything is good with you.  Moving forward in Guatemala!!

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