Saturday, June 25, 2016

Los Animales!!!

I bet you didn't know June is National Zoo Month!  I didn't either until this week...and that has nothing to do with why we took a trip to the zoo...but random fact I thought I'd share!  :o)

Well we are almost at the end of school vacation and generally during that time, as previously mentioned, a bunch of the kids get to visit family.  For the kids that remain, it is a time to relax, ride bikes, play in the field, sleep in and just basically enjoy not going to school.  

Traditionally during this time the volunteers try to plan an outing for their sections.  Some of my fellow volunteers and I had the genius idea to take our sections to the zoo...and for a last minute idea: it was epic!!  (Last minute being ten days ago!)

The Guatemalan City Zoo is gorgeous, huge and clean; and just full of well cared for animals.  We saw lions (definite favorite), tigers, bears, giraffes, zebras, penguins, hippos, crocodiles, lizards, camels, llamas, elephants and well everything you see at a zoo.  We also saw north american animals including raccoons and fox.  The kids loved it and so did I!

Afterwards we had lunch and ice cream.  The kids were all smiles and so were the caregivers.  A super amazing day and one I would love to repeat!!  Love my kids!

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