Tuesday, June 14, 2016

No more teachers! No more books!

While my nieces and nephews are celebrating the end of their school year with graduations and field days, we here at NPH are having our summer "break" where the kids have two entire weeks off from school!  But not to worry, these kids will have most of November and December off for their winter break...essentially reversing how we do it in the states.

So what happens when the teachers all go home and the kids are essentially schedule free for 14 days?  First of all, many of the kids are picked up by family members for a visit in their respective towns.  The rest of them have fun activities and relaxing activities planned, some of them hosted by the volunteers.

(I think that's a giraffe...serious tree art here at NPH!)

Yesterday in the clinic we met with all the kids heading home and packed up enough medication for 2 weeks.  The responsible adult would show us their DPI (personal identity card) and sign for the kids and their medication.  If a grandparent, uncle or aunt couldn't sign, they would make a mark on the line with their thumb dipped in ink.  

The first woman who told me she couldn't sign her name took me off guard.  I was so grateful another nurse beside me knew exactly what to do because all I could think was, "Why not?  Did you hurt your hand?  What's wrong?"  It took a few minutes to realize she couldn't because she didn't know how to write her name.  

(And yes, those are edible mushrooms!)

Tomorrow morning we're having a big breakfast with my kids.  Next week another volunteer and I are taking them to the zoo.  In between I'm still working those 24 shifts...off to town to barter for some papayas and pineapples!   Hasta luego!

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