Thursday, June 2, 2016

Off the grid in Semuc Champey

After a ten hour shuttle ride, the last three hours on a dirt road, my friend and I pulled up to a hostel in the middle of nowhere, Guatemala.  We were internetless, drank water that was boiled or filtered from a stream, received electricity from a generator and spent our days swimming and hiking and tubing and water-caving.  To say it briefly: it was beautiful!!!  The hostel we stayed at was a seven minute walk from the pools which enabled us to stay there all day.  People who stayed in the nearby city of Lanquin (about 45 minutes by jeep) were gone by 3:30 in the afternoon.  We'd lazily crawl from the crystal waters of Semuc a little before five to make our way back to our rooms.  After a hot shower we'd lay out in hammocks, waiting until hunger hit us hard enough to drive us to the kitchen where we indulged in hummus shawarma for an appetizer and then pasta with rich sauce for a main course.  It was beautiful, relaxing and the best way to start my 36th year!

This was my first real vacation, time away from work, I'm a tourist-type trip.  Absolutely loved it!!  I'm back home for the night but tomorrow I'm off to Mexico for the weekend.  My friend who came out for my birthday is getting her first taste of NPH today!  That's after the massive rainstorm including a leaking roof and flooding around the house last night.  God is good!  And life goes on!

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