Monday, July 4, 2016


Went to the largest outdoor market in Guatemala yesterday!  Two and a half hours in a chicken bus on curvy roads finally brought myself and some fellow volunteers to this out of the way town.  The market itself was amazing!  Huge and spread out over multiple streets, we walked and walked with no direction, always in the market.  We visited the church, the weird church like thing across the way and a museum.  We ended up in a nice restaurant with a large screen TV and watched the first half of the France vs Iceland futbol game.  I get why Iceland doesn't have the worlds greatest team (it is such a small island, I imagine it is hard to find 18... or however many people they have... that can play soccer at a world championship level) but that was painful.

Chichi is mostly Guatemalteccans....a few tourists were interspersed, but mostly we were surrounded by the tradition and culture of Guatemala.  Beautiful and definitely worth taking in!

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