Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Jimmy Morales: El Señor Presidente

Not gonna lie.  I like Jimmy Morales.  The guy is not only funny (okay, he's a former comedic actor) and religious (an evangelical Christian with a degree in Theology), but he's also a family guy (married with four kids) and incidentally the current President of Guatemala.

The guy is also super nice and met with some of our kids and a few of our volunteers last week at a neighboring pueblo.  He has a new initiative for our area that includes support of the metal workshop, woodworking and bakery. A few pictures:

Apparently his election in 2015 came on the heels of a crazy political scandal where both the former president and vice president were arrested for fraud and corruption.  His platform is conservative and his slogan simple, "Ni corrupto, ni ladrón" (Neither corrupt, nor a thief).  And like me, the people seem to like him.  :o)

Not going to pretend I have much interest or grasp of Guatemalan politics but it is cool when the president comes within your sphere.  Although I was working that day, I'm estatic that some of my fellow volunteers and the pequeños here had the opportunity to meet him!

Special thanks to Vanessa for the photos!

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  1. Awesome. It's always nice to have a candidate personable and friendly. Seems like a nice guy.