Friday, July 29, 2016

Los Perros

The dogs here are unbelievable.  They bark all night and spend all day foraging around our houses for food.  I see the really cute ones being surreptitiously fed dog food out of the back of cars by people who feel sorry for them.  

None of these dogs are really "ours" per se but somehow a singular amount seem to find their way inside our fenced in property. They also seem to change out over the course of the month and from one day to the next it can be a completely new pack circling around. 

This is only an observation but I've noticed that the wealthier a community, the fatter and healthier it's dogs.  Not just here but all over the world.  The dogs of Parramos are skinny, missing hair and usually running in groups of two or three.  All the females always look like they've just delivered a litter and the males follow them around, usually with some non-healing wound on their body.

Every once in a while I'll see an ex-pat walking with a dog on a leash (or even more rarely a Guatelmalteccan walking a dog) but in general, the dogs run wild.  I'm also impressed by the variety.  From Husky-looking dogs to German Shepherds to little Chihuahuas, a large variety of descendants appear to have found their way to the middle of Guatemala.

I am off for the weekend.  After working 24 hour shifts throughout the month of June and then having a week's vacation, I forgot how exhausting working 12 days in a row is!  My brain is pretty much shot.  Looking forward to the next two days to recharge!

Have a great weekend too!

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