Monday, July 18, 2016

Run Guate!

This past weekend I participated with a bunch of other volunteers from NPH in my first international running race: a half marathon in Antigua.  There were over 2300 runners and the race was almost identical to a race back home in the states: except of course we were running through cobblestone streets at the foot of a volcano.  Otherwise there were water stops, gatorade stops, and people cheering with signs all along the way.  The only thing I really missed were mile or kilometer markers...I never knew how far I'd gone until I reached the finish line!

Returning to Guatemala has been an easier transition than I expected.  The one thing I worried about before I took off last week was that I wouldn't want to come back!  Instead, after a week of fun with family and friends, I feel refreshed and excited about the next six months.  It is a blessing and an attitude I hope I can retain in the near future!

I slept 10 hours last night before coming in to work this morning.  I was greeted with hugs and smiles in the clinic from my coworkers and of course a new work load.  Things can't stay the same here: every day I'm given some new assignment and my schedule is ALWAYS completely turned upside down.  I've decided it is the norm (based on the last six months) and since I can never predict these changes, I just laugh and accept them now.  It's the Guate way.

As far as running goes, so far I know of a run in September and one in November that we are talking about running.  When I took up running five years ago, I had no idea all the fun I would have with it! God is good and knows what He is about!  God's blessings on you all!

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