Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hurricanes, Olympics and stopping to smell the roses

Today is my little sister's birthday.  And my parent's 37th anniversary.  I've been around for 36 of those years!  Not sure how time has flown by so quickly but it has!  I remember arguing with my sister for years that she wasn't born on my parent's actual wedding day, just the anniversary of it...but she was a tough one to convince.

Speaking of birth days, we threw a little baby shower for one of the women here at NPH who is expecting at the end of this month.  The NPH panaderia made the cake.  Have you guessed she is having a boy?

Now that I've adjusted to living here, I have found time to stop and smell the roses...literally.  Our homes are surrounded by them in all different sizes and colors.  I love living in a place that always has roses blooming!

 Last Friday was the opening games in Rio.  I went in to Antigua for some nachos and to watch the opening ceremony.  It was pretty neat to watch all the countries walk in together, filling the entire stadium.  
It was also pretty cool to find out how many people from all over the world were watching with us.  When a country walked in that someone was from, cheers would erupt from that section of the room.

It looks like Hurricane Earl damaged the coastline, but here at NPH we only experienced one day of cloudy, rainy, windy weather before everything was back to normal.  The nights are growing colder already.  Last night I put a fourth blanket on my bed.  If someone had told me before I came here that I would be cold in Guatemala in August, I wouldn't have believed them.  It's a perk to living in the mountains, I guess!

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